Project Black-Dog

Systems recommended: Dungeons & Dragons release:3.5, Spycraft release:1.0(select mechanics)

Mission Intent: To create a d&d campaign in which the setting politically and economically driven, with the stated intent of motivating Player Character based realm development, castle building, nation accumulation, choices in legislation, and ultimately national war or prospering peace. The Player’s Nation/civilization/guild is not restricted by anything but the will of the dungeon master and the creativity of the players. Although intended for single player use, with dungeon master playing all non player characters, the Black-Dog Campaign should be playable by more than one individual with appropriate modification. The setting is a limited world with the possibility of expansion.

Currently i have the plot going, however since my group has expanded, i am playing a campaign that is simply set in the world, to help me expand it. Send me an email at to be part of this campaign, or if you have any questions.




Project Black-Dog