Adsit (AD-zit)
The fairly laid-back Adsit elves hail from the north Schwangau plain. They have not adopted the manor system as most of their other elven court members have. The small wooden great hall built at the center of a thin oak forest is the center of the Adsit familial group, and it is here that almost every elf, half-elf, and unsuspecting human, with an ounce of Adsit in their veins will find themselves at, at one time and another. Being located between the Freestates and the Schwangau empire has always been a major point for a “manor” that is mostly populated with rogues, and bards, of all elven ancestries. They have managed to make a small fortune for themselves off the recent Avignon-Schwangau war, but now fear being embattled by an Avignon army fresh off victory in Scwangau. If this happens, most Adsit elves have established a reunion ground in the northern frontier, where they shall meet anew and re-establish their way of life.

An Adsit Elf is the same as the core book elves except as follows;

  • +2 dexterity, +2 charisma, and -2 wisdom, -2 intelligence.
  • An Adsit elf is consistently lucky. On fortune point rolls, the elf would roll two dice of the same type required for the initial roll, and choose the better result. Should both rolls be the maximum value, The Adsit elf is awarded with an additional but temporary fortune point.
  • An Adsit elf that admits she is one, suffers a -2 on all diplomacy checks made for the life of the character, unless the opposing party trusts that elf.

Males stand between 5’3" and 5’7", Females between 4’10" and 5’3". Both are trim and thin, and often get tattoos of great diversity and detail on their exposed, and not so exposed flesh. They have a slightly tanned complexion, but are one the few races of elves that doesn’t feature freckles of any sort. Their hair is light brown to sandy blonde, and their features are the most rounded of any elf making them most similar to humans in general appearance. Their eyes however are large and feature irises that are predominately blue, but with wispy green vertical striations.


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