Alta is a unique campaign setting that explores unconventional d&d settings. It is a thin continent that begins just north of the northern tropic, but stretches southwards and westwards through the southern hemisphere of the world. There are other continents, but until players can figure out methods of dealing with mile long megalodons, they should be restricted to the one continent, as it provides more scenarios than i can create… for now. Play should begin in the northern stretches of the continent, along the Greenskin Peninsula. The climate i am aiming for and will display is that of northern to central and coastal to mountainous mexico. If you’re wondering yes it does snow in mexico, so for this campaign, we’re going to put away Sherwood Forest and the snow-capped granite peaks infested with Balors and Red Dragons, for hot scrub-brush wastelands, sand dunes, and tropical rainforests. This terrain will be dominant at least until the players can venture to the farther southern hemisphere and get into the traditional d&d settings. I will also try to display different styles of castles, from the atypical castle to spanish missions as different types of humans build different things.

For easy reference, pay attention to the dominant religion in the area. If a region follows Am, then they are typically going to be more western european in design.

Quick reference;
Am………………….Western European
will expand as i make the world.

Additionally english is the language of most humans, nobles or children raised in nobles houses are also taught French. Spanish is the language of the Soldier, and soldier in this world more commonly means the race of humans from much the southern hemisphere that were dominated by the Laandsgrab and forced to be war fodder against the orcs of the Greenskin Peninsula.



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