Amasta (aah-MAAS-tah)

The Amasta Manor elves hail from the Peanaro Canyons near what is left of the heart of the old Soldier’s Empire. In the days of old, they were the first Elven manor to abdicate to the Empire, casting aside their name and creed to avoid being destroyed outright. They took up the Soldiers creed and inserted Am into a fraction of the old name Quinasta meaning wild(quin) wolf(asta). Historically they were druids that commanded animals in the defense of the forests that used to span across Peanaro. Upon taking up the creed and joining the empire, they took in their most beloved animals that were skilled in warfare, the Signatus Dire Wolf, that they had bred down for generations. These intelligent beasts of war helped capitulate many kingdoms as few were capable of outrunning, outfoxing, or even killing the 6 ft tall Signatus and their swift elven companions. Today, the Amasta are few in number, the art of running with the wolves is an almost lost lore, and the Signatus Wolf blood line disappeared over 500 years ago. Most elves feel that Akara has all but abandoned the Amasta.

An Amasta Elf is the same as a core book elf, except as follows;

  • +2 charisma, and -2 constitution
  • receives a +5 insight bonus to handle animal checks made with wolves.

An Amasta elf male stands betwee 5’6" and 5’11" and females between 5’1" and 5’9". Their complexion is generally tannner than most other elves, with dark reddish freckles on the cheeks and arms. Their hair is typically a rusty color and is thick and straight. Amasta elves are the only variety that are capable of growing a mustache. The eyes of an Amasta elf are almond in shape with deep brown irises that are outlined in cream with ruddy tints. Amasta elves also have thick patches of grayish brown fur extending from their torso to their upper arms.


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