Meliamne (mah-LE-ah-om-nee)
This race of elves is probably the most like the elves of the Kingdom of Light. Fantastically beautiful, and immensely intelligent. They hail from the massive Skybrow Mountains in the Northern Frontier, in a thin, and very isolated mountain valley. They have no fondness for the other elves that make a claim to the Kingdom, as they are considered impure and mortal. The Meliamne, feel as gods on a mortal earth, with life-spans capable of reaching over 4000 years old. Because of this, their numbers are very few, and reproduction has to be sanctioned by the patriarch. Many a Melieamne elder can remember the days when humans crawled out out of the chaos, and most middle aged elves remember battling Bola’s Horde, that eventually destroyed the elven immortality. It is often rumored that the Meliamne ancestors were the closest to the Akaran Crystal, so their immense lifespan can be explained as the remaining light of Akara. Although reclusive, the Meliamne are fierce wizards, often being raised from birth to perfect casting spells shortly before adulthood. A Meliamne elf found outside of their manor rarely has any formal ties with their manor, as their rigid hierarchy often abolishes personal liberty. A Meliamne wizard prepared for battle is colloquially called a “Maelstrom” by the most fortunate human that was privileged enough to see the elf to begin with, however among their own people, there is no colloquialism as their might and strength of character, allows their clan name to generate more than enough respect.

A Meliamne is like the core book elves except as follows;

  • +2 to Charisma and +2 to Intelligence, and a -2 to constitution and -2 to strength.
  • An experience penalty equivalent to one level(-1000)
  • Total immunity to cold based spells and effects, and cannot become snow-blind.
  • Receives a +4 to spell caster level for purposes of spell strength, damage, and resistance.
  • As an adventurer, a Meliamne elf may not have any formal ties with his manor, unless re-established independently. The only way to secure formalities with the Meliamne for an adventure seeking elf, is to be a wizard, and undertake vows pledging yourself to the Manor and only the manor. Violations of these accords risks excommunication, or worse.
  • Receives a +4 bonus for purposes of intimidation, diplomacy, or bluffing, when a Meliamne elf references her lineage.
  • Receives 4 free ranks in Knowledge Arcana, and Knowledge History.
  • Enters young adulthood at 50 years of age, adulthood at 1500 years, old age at 3750 years, and venerable at 4200 years.

A male stands between 4’8" and 5’3", females between 4’6" and 5’. Both genders are very slim, and almost appear frail. They have pale, almost translucent skin, and are dotted with faint violet freckles on their cheeks, brows, and breast. Their hair is always platinum white, exceptionally straight and thin, and is typically grown long. Meliamne are incapable of growing facial hair, minus the eye lid and brow, which are as pale as their skin. The Meliamne have large almond shaped eyes, slit pupils like that of a cat, with bright violet irises. As a Meliamne elf gets older their plain purple irises become dotted with white or gold freckles, and silvery rings which become most pronounced at venerable age.


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