Naiilo (NYE-il-low)
This race hails from the beautiful and picturesque Hiphla’Kirrin Waterfall, deep within the misty jungles of the Great Glen. They host the Elven Court within this waterfall, as well as the only major temple to the Kingdom Of Light. In many ways the Naiilo are considered superior to almost every intelligent race on the planet, even their elven neighbors in the Great Glen pale in comparison to their grace and beauty. Even though they train in all combats, the Naiilo are known best for their adaptation of the bow, which mounts a powerful arcane crystal onto what would normally be the arrow rest. When a Naiilo archer draws the string back on this bow, it creates an arcane arc between the fingers, string, and crystal, that when fired allow for certain powerful spells to be channeled to the archer’s target, without any distance limitation, and speed high enough that it can catch most creatures. The most common example is a regiment of Snipers, as they prefer to call themselves, sitting in the tree tops near the borders of the manor, spot a dragon some distance away, and fire one of these arcane missiles. Upon striking the dragon at a range of 5 miles, the dragon loses the ability to make use of his wings and becomes a grounded target, allowing other ground troops time to move in and eliminate the threat. A sniper is recognized as an elf, with brown and green tints painted onto her leather armor, with a red silk tabbard worn underneath that flashes when they move.

The Naiilo elf has the same abilities as the core book elves, except when improved upon as follows;

  • They start with +2 to dexterity, and +2 to charisma, with a -2 to constitution.
  • A Naiilo starts with an experience penalty equivalent to one level.(-1000)
  • They may choose any singular weapon to be proficient in as a free bonus. (eq. Longsword, Spear)
  • Their eyes are fantastically advanced, and precise. They can see 2x as far in starry night level light, and as day in a full moon.
    A Naiilo also may *always roll a counter-reflex save against a sneak attack directed at her, as long as they are physically capable of doing so. They receive a +5 bonus in this circumstance on their reflex roll, and success means that they evaded they sneak attack all together, and can convert it to an attack of oppurtunity, assuming they are capable of reaching their attacker with their weapon.

Males stand between 5’2" and 5’6", females between 5’1" and 5’4". Both genders are slim and fit, they have large eyes that are slit like a cat’s eye, with irises ranging from red to gold, with red being the definitive majority. A Naiilo has straighter hair than the the Namei, but still develops the same wavy kinkiness in their luscious thick brown hair. As such, many a human has misidentified a Naiilo as a Namei and vice versa.


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