Non Material Age:
In the beginning, Paxna, the all god was an infinite and singular energy within the universe. After a godly amount of time, Paxna split himself into two polar energies, light and dark, Akara and Cirock respectively. These new energies manifested themselves as both humanoids, of differing avatars. Akara manifested as a golden haired elf that glows softly, but can shine as radiant as the sun if necessary. Cirock is a dark skinned giant, that can fill an infinite space with thick darkness, he changes his appearance as freely as shadows. Akara created elves in her image mostly to socialize with her, jealous of her creation, Cirock created chaotic beings that are known today as goblinoids. In Paxna’s self destruction, his energy also was solidified and drifts throughout the universe as crystals that leave infinite creation in their wake.

Material Age:
In the chaos of the infinite plane, and between the burning light of Akara and the deep shadow of Cirock, a being of infinite chaos was formed in the riptides and eddies of the light and dark. This creature took the name of Katin, and in his birth he created the material plane, where, as if looking through a lens, Akara’s realm solidified into what is recognized as the sun, and the creeping plane of night is transformed into the darkness of space. His material plane solidified into a combination of the nine elemental forces. Today this plane is recognized as the world Tyto. With dominion over his plane he could raise and raze mountains with the rise and fall of his arms. He eventually became bored and allowed the world to settle. In the wake, elves and goblinoids settled on the plane and began waging an everlasting war for control over the plane. Falling in favor with Cirock, Katin began to associate more and more with the dark god. After awhile, Cirock indentured his newest creations, a green skinned goblinoid he named Orcs, to his new foster child Katin. As their new commander, Katin was able to all but rid his plane of the lawful elves, when in a great battle, a great commander of the elves, Varenne, was able to plunge his sword, gifted to him from Akara herself, into Katin’s godly heart. The resulting explosion of energy from the destruction of the god, created a new shadowy god, Toina, the keeper of the dead, who was happy to leave the material plane with her new toy, and go create a new plane, to house the dead. Previously, a killed elf or goblinoid would rise 7 days later as the undeath, slaves of the dark, and remarkably weak to the light.

Lost Age:
Following Katin’s death, millions of years passed with the only occurances on Tyto being great wars between the orcs and elves. The gods became afraid to leave their realms, scared that they could be killed and sent to Toina, so in response, the gods became more reliant on their followers to venerate their will. In this time, a shard of Paxna found it’s way onto the material plane where it spent it’s energy and created the first truly neutral intelligent life, Humans. This new race was predominantly unknown to the Orcs and Elves, but when both discovered their new cohabitants of Tyto, both immediately attempted to exterminate the young race of humans. The Elves were the first to come to any understanding with the humans, after they began viewing the mortal humans as comparatively benign, more interested in the “follies of adolescence.” Gnome and Halflings became noted as a race unto themselves, rather than mutant, surface-dwelling Dwarves. It was also during this Lost Age that Boruun, an Orc who had been selected by Bola to do his will, successfully destroyed the ancient Akaran artifact that made Elves immune to the passage of time. The effects were initially devastating to the elves as their eldest leaders began dying en masse. Another debatable reason why this is called the lost age is because the “Gate of the Gods,” an anchor between the divine realm and the material, was attributed with great numbers of powerful and hellish creatures, that would often topple nations in their rise. Some claim that this is often claimed to have been the result of the gods warring among themselves, while others see the rise in powerful monstrosities attributed instead to wizards, druids, and clerics, creating or summoning the creatures into existence. Regardless of their source, the mortal races of Tyto became increasingly sick of building civilizations only to have them toppled by godly monsters.

Divine Age:
It was out of the fury of the mortal races that a change in times occurred on Tyto. Weary of the chaos, a human now known only as Deten destroyed the anchor between the divine realm and the material world. Furious, the pious began cleansing the populations of mortals who held no faith to the old gods. The faithless races began establishing themselves on the Chartan continent, warring constantly with the races who still held the silenced gods as divine. The divine banded together to expunge their new enemy from Chartan, succeeding when the free-faithed constructed a fleet of shoddy dirigibles which they used to escape Chartan. The Free-Faithed lost many of the fleet during their journey but managed to land on a continent previously unknown to all but dragon riders. They named their new continent Alta, an old word that translates from old Chartan as “Al” new and “Ta” as free. The “new and free” continent was quick to re-segregate, as Elves sought virgin forests, Gnomes and Halflings, free from slavery, only sought lands that reminded them of home, Dwarves found uncut mountains, and the humans saw only open lands, free to form and control as their plunder. A few new gods managed to rise, the daughter of Toina and Katin, Caetta joined the Alta humans in her quest for instilling hedonism into the hearts of men. Diory, after chasing her for most of his life manages to kill the god. The death of the god was not overlooked by the druids who planted a tree in the heart of the dead god who was left where she fell by Diory. The tree is now a magnificent testament to nature, growing miles tall and having a system of roots so far reaching that it can drink from the ocean while being only in the middle of the continent. Diory became an Alta god, although his true history has been omitted from the stories, he still survives but is in a most decrepit condition. Deten, after leading the humans to Alta, married and had children, and now his family line is considered the only divine lineage, claiming kingship in many kingdoms. His lineage survives as Van Deten, a permanently noble name.
Tree of the World


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