John Van Dien, the third king of Avon, became ruler of his nation when the former king was killed by wounds taken from a battle of great historical significance with a great Red Dragon, leaving his throne without an heir. Van Dien was his top general and the merchant barrons of Avon were pleased when he suggested himself for Kingship at a great meeting of the barrons and generals. A few other contestants stepped forward but a unanimous decision of the barrons and generals made John the unquestioned King of Avon.

He re-built the realm that was ravaged greatly by the Red Dragon and constructed a new and improved castle, with radically improved draconian defenses. Today, Avon has become a beacon of light along the wild Greenskin Coast, and the furthest north of the Laandsgrab Nations on the Alta continent. Not much of the world is able to be explored away from the continent as Megalodons and Leviathans haunt the deep waters away from the coasts, wreaking havoc upon the simple wooden ships of the mortal races. Magic is quite rare and people who exhibit or are suspected of practicing ‘Arc’ are thrown out of cities and ostracized by their families. In the rare circumstances where a Blood Magus or a Necromancer is discovered, the spell-caster is considered a sovereign threat to the king and they are crucified on permanent iron crosses that when not used as execution devices sit as symbols of the Am religion in the courtyards of kings. Avon has never used their crucifix to dispatch a mage but like any other republic of the Laandsgrab, following the Biemin Decree, will readily jail sorcerers or magi, so most of them live in secret societies, guilds, or more often as hermits.

After all his triumphs, John Van Dien is still human and succumbs to age rapidly. His two sons and one daughter have been recalled from foreign affairs and ride back to Avon to be with their father as he passes on his throne. Since traditions of male only heirs or the eldest son taking the throne have never been held by the Laandsgrab, or most humans, each child is considered equally viable as rulers of Avon.

Arnaud Van Dien
Bertrand Van Dien
Corinne Van der Sloot


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