Vitani (Vi-TAH-knee)
The Vitani Manor hails from the Red Moor south of Arcanus. Not a race known for their strength in combat but rather their affluence with speaking. They are renowned for their ability to infiltrate any organization, and will occasionally freelance for a nervous feudal lord or in the rare circumstance, an unnamed representative of the Prize. Their freelance wealth has landed the manor a considerable amount of wealth that they intend to sit on for while. Historically, the Vitani were one the only manors to not have arrived in the exodus, but rather has been the product of a variety of elven ancestries. They also do not hold the Kingdom of Light in great respect, but rather pray to whoever can aid them in their various tasks.

The Vitani are the same as core book elves except as follows;

  • Appraise, Bluff, Disguise, and Move Silently are all class skills regardless of class chosen.
  • Receives a +2 to charisma, and a -2 to str.
  • Due to your variegated ancestry, the DM chooses at random a basic feat that has NO prerequisites, and the first skill check roll you are forced to make automatically becomes a class skill. If the skill is already a class skill, then it becomes the next cross-class skill that gets forced.
  • May not choose sorceror.

A male Vitani stands between 4’9" and 5’5", females between 4’6" and 4’10". All other basic appearance attributes vary significantly, however, Vitani have comparably small eyes, that are simple. The distinctive feature of a Vitani elf is that they often shave their heads and tattoo arcane runes that allow them to take on the general appearances of desired targets.


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